The vice president of Facebook Carolyn Everson has announced that there will be some advanced features for the marketers and advertisers that use the social platforms for their ads on Whatsapp and Instagram. She announced that these ads on features will help us to improve the marketing experience for the e-marketers who rely on Whatsapp and Instagram to market their products and services.

Carolyn Everson is the VP for global marketing solutions in Facebook. She discussed with the marketing reporters of The Wall Street Journal that the future of the social media sites Whatsapp and Instagram will be more improved for the advertisers and marketers.

Whatsapp and Instagram are the two social media sites that are being acquired by Facebook and the success of Facebook is ultimately lies with the successful business of these two apps if we see through the marketing perspective. Instagram is the biggest rising start for Facebook among all the social media sites.

When Facebook is generating too much of its revenue from these social media sites, it is not neglecting to improve the marketing experience marketers will get from these sites. It is working on the new features that will help the marketers to get more advance results from their e-marketing efforts on these sites. On the other hand, he said that it would be huge mistake to make the rising star social media site Instagram just like Facebook. Both of these sites are different from each other and we will not make IG another Facebook. This concern was also shown by many of the users and definitely they do not want us to make both apps similar to each other.

We will make sure that Instagram and Whatsapp will have a unique identity and they will have their own value preposition as required by the users of these apps. While for the marketers, we will definitely not ignore what they need. There are some new ad features that we are going to launch for Instagram and Whatsapp that will enhance their marketing experience just like we have improved the marketing experience over Facebook.

The Instagram and Whatsapp users must not worry as they will not see a big difference in their using experience of these sites with these features any time soon. We will only make sure that the infrastructure of these sites for the marketers will be more simplified.

She announced that at the back end there will be a unified infrastructure for the marketers which will help them to upload their creations easily on each of our social media platform. This will make the process for the marketers more simplified as per the need of the marketers. While on the other hand, the users will not feel any difference in these sites. They will not have any difference in their user experience.

The stories and the live videos that can be shared through the Instagram accounts are still a best way for the marketers to reach their customers and prospects. While there will be more and more tools available for the marketers to enhance their performance.