It is a challenge for many businesses and brands to measure the performance of their social media efforts, particularly their marketing efforts on Facebook. Here a question arises that how these businesses and brand measure their Facebook performance of the advertisement they share on this platform. When we already know that there are several people who do not click on these ads shown on the Facebook account and they directly make the purchase after watching it.

As we know that the nature of the purchase process and the modern discovery is varying with the ßpassage of time, it has become a hard task to allocate the dollar figure with the marketers marketing efforts on Facebook and their actual performance on this platform. But the businesses should not worry about it, the social sites like

Instagram are constantly working in this regard to improve the performance measures and provide the marketers some better tools to know how effectively they are performing through these sites. These tools are being designed to improve the scale of measuring the marketing efforts on to get more Instagram likes of the businesses through Facebook even if customers do not click on the ad.

To provide better services to the businesses, Facebook has provided a latest update this week. Through this update, Facebook has announced that now Facebook Data Travelling Pixel will be used to help the marketers by providing them additional options for their marketing efforts. Through this option, now the marketers may know about the point of sale data which is due to their Facebook performance.

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To avail this service, the businesses now must explain the relation among the partner organization, with whom they want to share the data and themselves. They will have to reaffirm this compliance to the Business Tools and terms of services by Facebook.

Through this new update, the sharing of the data among these parties will become more transparent and accountable. This means that through this process, the marketers will get to know about the ways through which they can improve and enhance their Facebook ad performance.

Facebook has announced that there will be a more significant and offline/online connection tool, for which they predict that it will be a greater source of interest for the businesses and marketing teams.

In addition to that, in another announcement Facebook has pointed out about the launch of the new Page analytics beta program for the Instagram accounts. Through this Instagram Analytics, marketers and advertisers will get much more reliable options to improve the performance. They can now measure that the people who like or comment on an Instagram post have increased rate of retention or not. This can also compare the life time value of the users who interact through your Insta account to those who do not interact through it.

This option can help you to make segments of the people who have ever commented on any of your posts and measure the value that they have brought to your business.

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