LinkedIn is offering new integrations with Google campaign manager. This new integration will have a great benefit for the marketers. They will now be able to have a better comparison between things, and they will be able to manage their ad performance as compared to other ads in a better way. It has positive impacts on the marketers.

LinkedIn itself announced this new integration with the campaign manager. As said by LinkedIn, it allows marketers to see your LinkedIn ad performance and compare it with your other or previous ads. This integration will provide all related information about the ad. It is going to give an overview of the performance. This integration is going to display the LinkedIn ads into Google as well.

Enabling LinkedIn Integration to the Google Campaign

In order to enable the LinkedIn Integration to the google campaign, you need to consider these following two steps;

Firstly, you need to create a sponsored content campaign as draft. After you are done with that, you have to press the manage tracking icon. It will add it to the google tracking tags. After that, you need to click on tags and then click on save.

This is not it. LinkedIn is still working on finding new integration tools that gives users even clearer, and an accurate overview of the performance of their ads. The difficult task is the direct linking of online advertisements to offline sales. For this very task of linking the two, they are still working on introducing some new tools to have a better performance. This aspect shows that LinkedIn is improving in marketing. More and more people and businesses are now preferring LinkedIn for marketing purposes. It is the best platform for the online marketing of products, brands, and businesses via marketing and advertisements. It connects your businesses with larger audiences allowing you to grow economically and globally. People are now depending on this platform for the digital marketing i.e. you should ensure that you are spending the right amount of money on the right advertisement at the right time and at the right platform.

LinkedIn has also connected to Vimeo. Vimeo has announced a new feature that is going to benefit LinkedIn as well. It will now enable the paid subscribers to post videos on Vimeo, and then later they can share the link to these videos on to their LinkedIn profiles or pages. This is going to be one great way and a new way of adding information or content on the LinkedIn profiles. The benefit that the users is going to get from it is that they will initially share the video on one platform but after that sharing the links will allow them to share it on various multiple platforms that is indeed going to enhance engagement of the people. The thing that matters the most to the LinkedIn is the content or the quality of the video. They also do not compromise on the video.