The biggest place in the Maghreb “Casablanca” is located in the center-west portion of the region on the Atlantic Ocean. It is the biggest city in Morocco. In terms of finance, it is considered as one of the biggest metropolitans in Africa.

Casablanca is the most populous city of Morocco, so the travelers may have to make an effort to discover the hidden details. Casablanca has a few places for tourists which are of course worth visiting. Casablanca port is one of the biggest human-made ports on the face of the earth. So, finding a few nights to stay in Casablanca is worth it.

History of Casablanca:

In the seventh c. BC the Berber established the city of Casablanca. The Romans and Phoenicians utilized the city as a harbor. The city was called Anfa. In the 15th century, Portuguese conquered Anfa reconstructed it and named it Casa Branca. Amid the French colonial period, the term became Casablanca. The meaning of Casablanca is “white house. It is an important metropolitan in Morocco as Casablanca is one of the biggest ports in the region.

You are planning to visit Morocco, and Casablanca is not in your plans. Then you need to remake your plans. It is true that there are not many places to visit in Casablanca, but a few places are worth visiting. Here are given a few things you should know about the city of Morocco, “Casablanca”:

The largest city in the country:

It has already been written in the article that Casablanca is the largest city in Morocco. In fact, Casablanca is the largest city in the entire Maghreb. In 149 square miles, the city has 3.3 billion people that make it quite a populous city as well.

  • Rick’s Café:

If you have watched the Hollywood movie “Casablanca,” then you know about Rick’s café. You can find Rick’s café in Casablanca, which was opened in 2004. It is set inside a mansion and is worth visiting.

  • Tallest minarets:

The city has a 7th largest Mosque in the world. Hassan II is the largest mosque in Morocco that has the tallest minarets in the world. These minarets are 689 feet high.

  • Destruction by the earthquake:

For those who don’t know that Casablanca was by the Lisbon earthquake in 1755. Lisbon was destroyed almost completely, and Casablanca also suffered enormously.


  • Home of pirates:

Casablanca was a home of pirates before Portuguese occupied it in 1468. They used it as a base before the Portuguese attacked it. Then most of the pirates left it, and now it has become a city where there are no pirates.

  • Not so populous back then:

Casablanca is a populous city, but you would wonder to know that there were only 20,000 people in the 20th century. In early 1900s France occupied the land, and it became the major port.

  • American Airbase:

It is interesting to know that the Mohammed V international airport was used by the United States as their airbase during the period of 1951 to 1963.

  • Inaccurate portrayal of city life:

You might have watched the Hollywood movie Casablanca. It was an American romantic film that was released in 1942 in theaters. People who don’t know about the city Casablanca may think that the movie has portrayed city life well. But this is not true. It was not an accurate portrayal of the city life of Casablanca. Even the movie was not filmed in that city.

  • The world’s second-largest swimming pool:

It is interesting to know that the world’s second-largest swimming pool Orthlieb saltwater pool is also in Casablanca. Don’t you want to see it?

Final verdict:

It is true that the other cities of Morocco like Marrakech and Fez attract thousands of tourists. These are the exotic cities that have everything for tourists to enjoy. But it is quite interesting to know that Casablanca despite having a few tourists places does well than any other city of Morocco in the term of economy. It is an important port of the country has one of the highest GDPs in Africa.

You want to explore the biggest port of Casablanca then go ahead. You will find everything from hotels to restaurants and shopping malls in the city. If you do not want to stay in luxury hotels, then there are budget hotels in the city as well.

Pick the hotel that better suits your budget and requirements and enjoy your time visiting some exotic places such as Hassan II mosque, the old Medina, Museum of Moroccan Judaism and Place Mohammed V, etc. To enter Casablanca, you can choose to travel by air or train. The Mohammed V International Airport is 45-minute taxi drive from the center of the town, which makes it easy for the newcomers easy to find a way to their destination.