The author of the book describes a story of the trip.

His debut travelogue was also this, Turk who loved apples and other tales of losing his way around the world and contains a tale of his journey. This book is like the guidebook, he argues the people leave all the maps and brochures, just explore. This travel book is very interesting for the one who loves to travel.

This book takes the reader on a road trip, to an adventure, to excavate in Lithuania the family history. This book has many themes such as making friends, feeling sick, the travelers and much more, this book is fulcrum between the time and place.

This book doesn’t have any tips about the traveling, due to this reason for many people it would not be classic. Even he Mr. Gross found in his frugal column some sort of formulaic writing and boring. It is not telling or revealing the spirit of the place.

In his book, he writes about the short stories of all the people he met in different countries, including the people eponymous. To him, it was not sufficient just to write about this story tale. He wants something new and interesting.

He explained very beautifully about the food he eats during his trip. But, he contradicts his discussion and cut the dining experience. But this travel book contains Delicious food short description and names of some restaurants.

He also writes about the feelings in his book, he described in an indirect way that how he feel lonely and how some factors made him materialize the friendship. This friendship allowed him to leave the traces of it around the world. Due to the language problem, he faces many hurdles, as he doesn’t know what is written on the signboards, difficulty in reading street signs, they don’t resemble the English alphabets at all. But the joy to enjoyed was speaking of Spanish, English, and French in one sentence.

His passion of traveling become less after the birth of his daughter, and he has no requirement to get the level of qualified writing. He was transformed into a person who wanted home. Live happily with the family.

This travel book contains all the traditional elements of travel writings. Different places and beautiful sights that he encountered are mentioned. This book explains you all, how the travel changed him and after some time what was his views about traveling. It is an explanation of how to handle travel than what is traveling.

The turk who loved Apple and other tales of losing my way around the world is free from the pressure of modern travel and letting the place guide you. This is travel book can be inspiring for some and not for others. But the one who loves to read travel book should also read this. You can read them even when traveling on a plane or train.